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The Strategic Goal of Petrozavodsk - to create a comfortable urban environment. Promoting eco-friendly modes of transport opens the door to developing sustainable mobility and improving the quality of life.

Cycling communities are actively developing in all Karelia’s regional centers. Local residents hold various events, such as bike parades, quests, sports competitions, and tours. Bike parades in Petrozavodsk were attended by over 3 thousand people, which indicates a high demand for the cycling infrastructure, both urban and leisure.




Session “Modern City: Urban Studies, Mobility, Technology”, Third International Youth Forum “In the City”,
July 4-8, 2016
International Training Seminar “Development of Non-Motorized Modes of Transport as an Alternative to the Use of Personal Vehicles. The Possibilities of Adaptation of Foreign Experience in the Russian Federation: Problems and Ways of Their Solution”
May 29-31, 2016
Mobility Campaigns in Petrozavodsk 2016-2017