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{St. Petersburg}

St. Petersburg cycling infrastructure is developing according to Transport Strategy 2025, and the state program Transport system development of St Petersburg for 2015-2020. In 2017, the city allocated 134.9 million rubles for creating five bike routes with a total length of 40 km. Planned to build 40 km of bike paths per year. Bike paths location is a framework for further development of the interconnected bike routes’ network. 

Final Conference
October, 23-25 2017

Activities under CO2 Green Drive Festival in St. Petersburg

International Seminar under Innovation Forum,
21 September 2016

Greenday & CO2 Green Drive Festival,
1 October 2016

Strategic Planning Forum Youth Stage,
26 October 2016

Mobility Campaigns in the North-West Regions of Russia

Mobility Campaigns in the St. Petersburg

Nordic Green Days in St. Petersburg under Annual Strategic Planning Leaders Forum

GREEN DAY of XIII All-Russia
Strategic Planning Leaders Forum

27-28 October, 2014
GREEN DAY of XV All-Russia
Strategic Planning Leaders Forum

24 October, 2016
GREEN DAY of XV All-Russia
Strategic Planning Leaders Forum

25 October, 2016

Seminar "NORDIC GREEN: Urban Development Strategies.
Innovative Solutions of Nordic Countries"
2 October, 2014

Information Dissemination

Modern Methods of the Road: Best Practices in the Context of the Russian Legislation and Practice of Russian Cities
25-26 May 2017 
(Martyshkino Village),
26 June, 2016
Gulf of Finland

29 July, 2016

Kanonersky Island,

26 August, 2016