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Project Activities > Eco Quest “Clean Games in the Khvoyny Village”

{Eco Quest “Clean Games in the Khvoyny Village”}

On September 16, 2017, as part of the launch of the European Mobility Week, the Green Mobility project became a partner of the eco quest “Clean Games in the Khvoyny Village”.

Clean Games is ecological and educational project that allows participants to make a contribution to cleaning up the environment and learn the basics of separate waste collection. The event is centered around ecological quests for teams to collect and sort waste.

In the Khvoyny village, participants have collected 490 bags of garbage (over 4 tons), including separately collected waste and 78 car tires.

The Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Konstantin Serov and the Deputy of the Legislative Assembly Mikhail Baryshnikov spoke at the opening of the event.

Clean Games took place in Krasnoselsky District of St. Petersburg for the first time. Khvoyny is a small village located north-west of the Telezi-Taitsy highway, the southernmost part of St. Petersburg. The garbage problem is quite acute in local natural areas. About 2000 people live in the village, some of whom tirelessly monitor cleanliness, while others behave passively. Such a vigorous recharging as Clean Games should cheer up and bring the residents of Khvoyny together in the struggle for cleanliness and beautification of the district.

Organizers: Agency for Strategic Initiatives under the President of the Russian Federation, Committee for Youth Policy and Interaction with NGOs of St. Petersburg and the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, International Project “Green Mobility – towards Clean, Healthy and Accessible Environment” (Green Mobility).

It’s the third time St. Petersburg takes part in the European Mobility Week, which runs 16-22 September 2017. This international campaign provides a perfect opportunity to encourage local residents to switch from cars to public transport and sustainable mobility alternatives.

Every year on September 22, cities across the globe celebrate World Car-Free Day, encouraging motorists to give up their cars for a day in favor of public transport, walking and cycling.