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Project Activities > Eco Quest "Clean Games. The Baltic Sea Shore 3"

{Eco Quest "Clean Games. The Baltic Sea Shore 3"}

On August 26 on Kanonersky Island it was held eco quest “Clean Games. The Baltic Sea Shore 3” in order to draw public attention to the problem of pollution of the Baltic Sea that has to be protected from destructive human activities. During the eco quest teams were competing in a waste collection in a given area. Traditionally it was attended by over 100 people.

Kanonersky Island – is a unique district of St. Petersburg and it is shown in unofficial names. Romantically-minded citizens call it “Mysterious Island" and realists who are familiar with transport and social infrastructure of the island call it "South Bronx". For decades “Kanonerka” has been remained closed territory that population was tied to its seat. Today locals leave the island and come other ones who are interested neither in maintaining the purity at home, nor in protection of island from the illegal dumps. It is not by chance that Kanonersky Island periodically attracts attention of various environmental organizations of direct action.

“Clean Games” provide an opportunity to Kanonersky Island and adjacent shore of the Gulf of Finland to “breathe freely” of a lot of waste and also popularize environmentally rational way of life, enhance environmental education and culture.

Eco quest “Clean Games. The Baltic Sea Shore 3” was attended by representatives of the authorities of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, mass media, NGOs, employees of enterprises located close to the island as well as volunteers, activists and concerned citizens.

“Clean Games” were supported by Baltic Sea Conservation Foundation, Green Mobility Project realized by the ICSER Leontief Centre and the Nordic Council of Ministers, Council of Municipalities of St. Petersburg and "Running City" organization.