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Project Activities > Eco Quest "Clean Games. The Baltic Sea Shore"

{Eco Quest "Clean Games. The Baltic Sea Shore"}

Eco quest “Clean Games. The Baltic Sea Shore” was held on the shore of the Gulf of Finland. 

"Clean Games" – is ecological and educational project that allows participants to make a contribution to cleaning up the environment and learn the basics of separate waste collection. The first eco quest was held on July 5, 2014 on the islands of the Vuoksi River together with the "Running City" organization supported by the Russian Geographical Society and the Government of the Leningrad Region. It was attended by over 100 participants who have collected and transported 9 tons of waste from the islands. 

On June 26 over hundred people gathered near the Martyshkino village (Lomonosov City) to clean up the beach and make a contribution to the preservation of the Baltic Sea ecosystem. "Clean Games" – is s strategic game, where teams compete with each other collecting plastic, glass, metal and mixed waste. The unusual event form has become attractive for people of all ages and interests. 

In recent decades the flora and fauna of the Baltic region is under threat because of heavy metals, waste from industrial plants and oil spills, coming into the Baltic water area. Besides, a huge amount of waste falls into the Baltic Sea from ships and shores. Household wastes that seem harmless at first glance are deadly for the fauna species. Sea birds and mammals swallow pieces of shiny foil and plastic bags, mistaking it for fish.  

Eco quest - is a chance to draw public attention to the problem of pollution of the Baltic Sea and let people know that the future of the Gulf of Finland – is in their hands. 

"Clean Games" in Martyshkino village are carried out with the support of Baltic Sea Conservation Foundation. It is planned to hold a series of games that include 2 games in the Gulf of Finland this summer: at the end of July – near Vyborg, and at the end of August - in Kaliningrad. Project Partners - Petrodvorets District Administration; Green Mobility Project, realized by the ICSER Leontief Centre and the Nordic Council of Ministers; "" Newspaper; Oranienbaum Maritime Festival; and also Council of Municipalities of St. Petersburg.