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{Study of Transport}

Without the help and active participation of residents, it is impossible to create an efficient sustainable transportation system, which is the hallmark of the city and should be safe, convenient, comfortable and attractive. To create sustainable urban transportation systems, an integrated approach and joint efforts of federal, regional and municipal executive authorities, the business community and the public are needed.

We invite all residents of cities and regions of the Russian Federation to join the All-Russia Urban Transport Survey

The Survey is an interactive tool, aimed to analyze urban transportation systems, to study the key features of population mobility necessary to develop transport models and plan sustainable urban transportation systems, to assess the effectiveness of the road network and public transportation system, and the level of public transport services. The data obtained are also necessary in the development and updating of the basic documents for transport infrastructure development.

According to the Transport Strategy of the Russian Federation up to 2030, a transport policy in cities and urban agglomerations should be reoriented from the road infrastructure development to solving the challenges of traffic-demand and population mobility management, as well as to development of public transport infrastructure through the implementation of sustainable transportation planning methods.